Join Over 2,000 Kids Inside The Create & Code Camp For A Limited Time (best for kids 8-years-old+) 

Build Games Instead of Playing Games With The Create & Code Camp For Kids*


I loved this camp! I can not say enough good about the Create and Code Camp. My son walked into the camp thinking he was not going to learn “anything new.” He had such a great time creating and exploring with this program. 


Parent in praise of screentime success

Inside the Create & Code Camp...

  • 5-Day Scratch Challenge: Your kids will create & code projects such as a fully functional fish tank, drum kit, costume changing characters, SpaceWars game and the iconic Flappy Bird game!

  • 5-Day Coding Challenge: They'll learn the basics of coding languages HTML & CSS to create a static 2-page website with images, YouTube videos, and Google Maps embedded! 

  • TinkerCad for Beginners: Be amazed as your kid get to grips with the basics of Computer Aided Design and create your very own 3D design!

  • Mobile App Development: Watch your kids build games instead of playing them by creating your very own mobile apps!

  • Creative Writing: Unleash your kids inner super hero with the Super Hero School creative writing classes!

  • PicMonkey Graphic Design: Expand your child's creativity by manipulating shapes to create cute animal! 

  • Master Google Suite: Your kids will learn the ins-and-outs of all that Google Suite has to offer and become a GSuite master!

  • Canva Graphic Design: Your child will get to use this simple yet sophisticated graphic design tool to create your very own posters, cards, invitations and more!

  • Zoom Virtual Backgrounds: Your kids will WOW their friends and family with unique Zoom virtual backgrounds that you've created themselves!

  • Additional Resources & Weekly Checklists: Immerse your kids (and yourself) in even more fun & educational resources AND keep them motivated with weekly checklists!

>> Add Video & Audio Editing Skills For ONLY $17 <<

  • Learn the technical knowledge and skills your kids need to become the next big YouTube star!

  • 6 Lessons on Video Editing: Where your kids will learn how to create their very own videos, add effects, transitions, music, and more! Ideal for the aspiring YouTube star, videographer, computer whiz and creative genius. 

  • 7 Lessons on Audio Editing: Covering everything from overlaying music tracks to mixing tracks too! Perfect for aspiring DJ's, music lovering kids, techie kids and creative kids alike! 

  • Learn how to make stunning videos with creative audio and WOW your viewers PLUS show off their awesome new skills to friends and family!

If your kids go through this program and DON’T pick up new, in-demand skills that they wouldn’t have learned in the classroom, then you deserve your money back. 


If your kids aren’t beaming with pride after creating & coding, or their confidence doesn’t skyrocket, or if they aren’t raving about the skills they’re learning within 14-dayswe’ll issue you a full refund.  


Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll happily give you your money back.

Critical Thinking + Problem Solving

  • Tech-based critical thinking skills so they can thrive as they navigate life

  • INSANE problem-solving skills so they feel empowered to overcome challenges

  • Turn gaming and YouTubing into informative skill building sessions

  • Transform shy kids into confident kids that are excited to take on the world

  • Build transferable skills like resilience so they can build brighter futures 

  • Develop kids who are critical thinkers & problem solvers 

Real-World Tech Skills

  • Fill the gaps left by the education system even if you're not academic

  • Meet their intellectual needs so they can exceed the limits of the classroom

  • Transform screentime into a learning resource so kids can learn on-the-go

  • Expose them to exciting possibilities so they can find a career they'll love

  • Pack their resume with in-demand tech skills that future employers will look for

  • Show them that they can do ANYTHING that they set their minds to

Creative + Abstract Concepts

  • Fun & engaging learning environment without having to become a teacher

  • Help them reach their full potential instead of being sold short 

  • Go beyond traditional learning & spark creative learning in a revolutionary way

  • Ignite their passion for learning without resorting to outdated tactics

  • Use a fun and easy to follow curriculum so you don't have to supervise

  • Put an end to the fight over screentime by making it productive